Eighty-three percent of organizations report that they can’t find qualified project managers to fill open positions.

While this is bad news for employers, it’s great news for job seekers and those looking to increase their salaries.

In fact, project managers make an average salary of $91,440 and certified project managers make even more.

And nearly 16 million new project management positions will have been created between 2010 and 2020, and the industry will have grown by $6.61 trillion. Now is the perfect time to figure out whether or not project management is right for you.

Project Management 101

We’re all project managers at some points in our lives. Whether it’s a quick undertaking, like organizing the garage over the weekend, or a complex, drawn-out one, like developing a website by the end of the year, these are temporary endeavors that have a definitive start and end date with goals in mind.

Projects, then, are just unique undertakings that have a definitive start and end date.

People often get project work confused with operations management or rather “business-as-usual.” Check out the chart below to understand the key differences.

Examples of projects include:

Building a new website

Launching a new app

Opening or closing a business location

Engineering a new building

Making changes to the business to comply with regulation

Solving a business problem

Introducing a new business process or cultural change to the organization

Hosting an event


Get certified in Project Management

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   Project Management for Beginners


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   Project Management for Professionals


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   Project Management for Senior Professionals


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