Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i choose Palmsland Consult?

We are Nigeria’s premier certification training provider. With years of experience under our belt, we have mastered the art of providing trainings that will help you succeed. Whether you are a corporate or an individual, we will customize a training as per your unique need and help you achieve business and professional goals.

You can opt for our classroom trainings or virtual instructor-led programmes and reap the benefits of quality training and excellent infrastructure.  Our association with leading accreditation bodies speak volumes about the quality of trainings we offer. We are currently associated with the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)®, Confederation of Project Managers (CPM)®, I.T Skills Institute (ITSI)®, Institute of Customer Service & Relationship Management (iCSRM)®, International Organization for Safety Management (IOSM)®, UK Human Resource Institute (UKHRI)®, British International Safety Organization (BISO)® and several more.

Palmsland Consult is the future and the future is now! Enroll and enjoy the benefits.

What are the courses offered by Palmsland Consult?

Palmsland Consult is an industry leader in the field of professional training, and offers a plethora of courses in categories such as project management, human resource management, customer relationship management, health safety management, data science, digital marketing, IT, among others. New courses are added regularly to stay on top of current advancements in the industry.You can visit this link for more details: www.palmslandconsult.com.com/courses

Which global certification Institute is Palmsland affiliated with?

Accreditations add to the credibility of the company. Palmsland Consult is accredited by 7 leading globally recognised certifying bodies, including the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)® based in the US, Confederation of Project Managers (CPM)® based in UK, I.T Skills Institute (ITSI)® based in the US, Institute of Customer Service & Relationship Management (iCSRM)® based in UK,International Organization for Safety Management (IOSM)® based in UK, UK Human Resource Institute (UKHRI)® based in UK and the British International Safety Organization (BISO)® also based in UK.

What is the difference between a Certificate and Certification?

Certification requires passing an exam and awards a credential upon successful completion of exam (ex: PMP, GPHR, SPHRi). Certification also requires re-certification to stay current in a specific area.

A certificate represents completion of courses/program in a specific area. It is the physical evidence given to a candidate after passing the Certification or Proficiency Program.

Do i get a certificate?

Yes, when you complete the course you will receive a verifiable global Certificate, which you can add to your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile. After completing the course and pass the exam, you will receive a verifiable Certificate from our global partners. All certificates issued by the global institutes.

How do I enroll?

Thanks for considering Palmsland as your learning provider for your professional development goals!

To enroll online:

  1. Browse our catalog of professional courses
  2. Click the “Enroll” button located on the top right of the course description page
  3. Select your payment option, full or installment payments
  4. There are several options to pay either through your debit card, online bank transfer or by cash. Payment receipt will be issued to the candidate automatically via the student portal once payment is confirmed.
  5. Submit new or returning student account information

How do the certification courses work?

All certification courses are taught as either face-to-face classroom training, virtual classrooms or e-learning as preferred by the student.

Courses contain learning modules that feature interactive discussions, video / text lectures, quizzes, case studies, course projects, and a variety of tools to ensure satisfactory understanding of subject matter.

Are your courses affordable?

Yes, we are very competitive in our pricing to ensure learners gain maximum benefits. We also offer special discounts for fresh graduates, entry level employees, Corpers and multiple courses.

Tell me about the instructors?

Our trainers are highly qualified and certified instructors with many years of coaching experience.

How can i get this courses for my business?

Palmsland’s corporate learning is a convenient solution to purchase courses for staff training. Your business will receive discounts for bulk subscriptions, easy deployment and relevant reporting at your fingertips.

If you would like to know more, please fill out the online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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